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Air Adventures

Air Adventures

Fighter Jet

Get ready to take a Florida Fighter Jet Instruction Flight in the L-39 Albatros military jet right above the Gulf of Mexico.  High “G” maneuvers and basic acrobatics are part of this “Top Gun” flight.

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Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air balloon rides are one of the most unique and exhilarating experiences you will ever have. You will never forget your first balloon flight; it is truly an experience that cannot compare to anything else.

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Paragliding is one of the last great adventures a human can experience here on earth. Riding hot columns of rising air, sometimes to the clouds, is like nothing else you've ever experienced; flying face to face with birds who think you're also a bird is an amazing experience.

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Hang Gliding

As you're soaring high in the sky, you'll find yourself with the perfect opportunity to experience everything hang gliding has to offer.  As close to a magic carpet ride as you can get. 

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Turn your dream of flight into reality! A tandem skydive is a great way to experience the thrill of freefall for the first time. Don’t worry, you will be accompanied by a USPA certified, experienced instructor at all times.

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Aerobatic Flights

Explore your limits and experience advanced aerobatic flight. Loops, rolls, hammer heads, inverted flight … take the controls yourself and see if you have what it takes to be an extreme pilot. Flight averages 30 minutes but it’s up to you … how much can you take?

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Seaplane Tours

In our seaplanes everyone gets a window seat and a headset. The flight is narrated throughout, and with your pilot as your personal tour guide, it is a low altitude sight-seeing flight you will never forget. 

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Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours are one of the most thrilling things to do in Florida. Thousands of families from around the world have memories that will last a lifetime from adrenaline rush flights.  We deliver the most enjoyable day, sunset and evening private helicopter tours imaginable.

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Airplane Tours

Are you looking for an exciting, scenic adventure through the skies?  Airplane rides are one of the best ways to discover the pristine tropical beauty of Florida from a bird’s eye view. Airplane rides in Florida have been steadily climbing in popularity over the last decade.

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Glider Flights

To really fly like an eagle, choose an exciting glider ride. You'll soar above the serene Florida landscape, over lakes, farms and lush green trees. Maybe you'll even see a gator or two before takeoff!  (They wander by occasionally).

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