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Unique Services

Unique Services

Beach Wedding

You may be looking to do something unique and memorable for that special day.  Beach weddings are becoming more popular due to the unique settings and the beautiful scenery of the beach.

Preferred Providers

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Photography Services

Do not leave the memories of your special occasion up to chance.  You want the best photographer you can afford.  There is no compromising for the quality of a crisp, clear photograph.  We will bring you the best so you will not have to worry about the quality of your special photographs.

Preferred Providers

Concierge Services

A personal concierge can be a very valuable service with today's busy lifestyle. A concierge is skilled in personal assistance services like household management, lifestyle management, transportation, travel, planning, and many other personalized services.

Preferred Providers

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Catering Services

We look to work with the best caterers providing the best service and maintain stellar reputations.  Our caterers are often responsible for all aspects of event planning, menu design, cuisine creation and preparation.

Preferred Providers

Fashion and Accessories

Our fashion providers will provide you with the latest fashions and designs as well as attractive pricing.  Whether it's men's clothing, women's fashion, handbags or accessories, our preferred providers have you covered.

Preferred Providers

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Event Planners

Event planners can be an invaluable resource. They will coordinate every aspect of your event from the smallest detail to the largest. If you are planning an event of any size or scale, an event planner can help it go off without a hitch.

Preferred Providers

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The Prestige  Xperience

Our members will enjoy the finest:

  • Luxury Services

  • Entertainment

  • Weekend Getaways

  • LifeStyle Services

  • Unique Services

Exclusive Membership

Experience the benefits of being a Prestige Xperience member

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The Prestige Xperience

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