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Experience Travel the Prestige Way

Looking for a unique travel experience that blends luxury and adventure? Look no further than The Prestige Xperience!  Bespoke trips offer a one-of-a-kind journey that you won't find anywhere else. You are guaranteed to create memories that will last a lifetime..

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Enjoy Your Getaway
the Prestige Way!

Create Memories That Last a Lifetime

Unique Travel Destinations
Wadi Rum 1.jpg

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is about as close as you’re going to get to the landscape of Mars here on Earth.  Join an overnight excursion - by jeep or camel - for the experience of sitting around a crackling fire underneath pearly stars. 


Experience Nepal's hill villages and jungle lowlands as you embark on this tailor-made Himalayan Family Adventure of a lifetime. Expect mini mountain treks, overnight camps, river rafting and wildlife safaris. Come here for action, stunning mountain scenery and a look around bustling Kathmandu too.

Nepal 1.jpg
Leon Nicaragua 2.jpg


Nicaragua’s former capital, León, is the birthplace of the Sandinista revolution. This vibrant city offers lovely colonial architecture and superlative fried chicken.  You can also take an unusual tour to the steep ash of nearby Cerro Negro.


While Reykjavik is an essential base - and the Blue Lagoon is a justifiably popular attraction - for the best travel experiences in Iceland you need to find a glacier.  Soak in a thermal tub or pool beside gushing geysers or waterfalls, and relish the prospect of whale-watching.

Iceland 1.jpeg
Galapagos 2.jpg


The Galápagos islands are among the most remote and magical destinations on earth, so the sight of vast modern cruise ships chugging between them can come as a shock. To visit the islands in style pick a smaller vessel, preferably one with sails as well as an engine.

Buenos Aires

Explore Buenos Aires on your own and with a guide, including its famous nightlife before heading to the vineyards of Mendoza, one of the most developed wine regions in the country.

Buenos Aires 2.jpg
Laos 1.jpg


One of Southeast Asia’s lesser-known countries, Laos is definitely off the beaten track, but it has retained its culture, charm and traditional village life, wild jungle and stunning countryside. 

Vinales, Cuba

Viñales, a sleepy little town to the west of Havana, is in many ways typical of rural Cuba. What sets it apart are the mogotes (boulder-like hillocks) that jut out of the landscape and provide a magnificent backdrop.

Vinales 3.jpeg
Sweden 2.jpg


Glassy lakes, pure air and an outside chance of bears: camping in the forests of central Sweden is both wild and free. Then sip whisky around the campfire and crash out on a reindeer skin, gazing up at the starry sky.


In the vast, swampy grasslands of Pampas del Yacuma, the pink freshwater dolphin is one of the more pleasant surprises hidden in the murky waters of the Bolivian Amazon.  One of only two landlocked countries in South America, Bolivia is full of wonders. 

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Experience Unique Travel the
Prestige Way
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